Joel Philip

It’s a hell of an experience.

Black me

Black you

Black he

Black she

Black we

Black strength

Black pride

Black perseverance

Cause black doesn’t run & hide

Black pain

Black tears

Black heartache

Black fears

Black fury built up almost 500 years

Black smiles

Black laughs

Black sarcasm and sass

Black magic

Black joy

Black greatness from every girl and boy

Black creativity

Black ingenuity

Black success

Black standards

No hands on the table, that’s Black manners

Black vision

Black outcomes

Black future

Black legacy

Black intuition anytime we open a bottle of Hennessy

Black love

Black queers

Black bodies desired all across this big blue sphere

I’m mentioning all this Blackness for a reason

We run everything, Black is always in season.



Joel Philip

Joel Philip

A wonderful fusion of Brooklyn, whiskey, the Caribbean, and snark all wrapped into one person who may or may not be a wee bit touched. You decide. @risingdemise